Where dreams choose to wander...

Do you know a rising young talent needing new headshots? Let me help you! And let's turn the heads of some agencies and casting directors while we're at it! We will mix personality, poise, and playfulness, and create some truly standout images they can use to explore all the potential work opportunities existing out there today in showbiz, music, and wherever else their dreams choose to wander! 


For those of you who may not realize, a “headshot” is perhaps the biggest tool an aspiring model, actor, or actress has to get noticed and find work on stage or on screen. Agencies and casting directors have to thumb through hundreds (dare I say thousands?) of headshots sent to them by hopeful prospects looking for work under the spotlight. Since these gatekeepers can’t possibly interview every potential prospect, they instead rely heavily on this first impression (a headshot) to decide who gets contacted for a potential opportunity. It is therefore vitally important for a young talent’s headshot to be professional and stand out, and help them get noticed amidst the larger pile of eager candidates.

Even when the goal is not acting or modeling, a strong headshot can very easily represent an added sense of confidence and intentionality for young singers, musicians, artists, and other creatives as they bring their gifts and talents out into the world.

That "movie magic" look...

This being the case, for my youth headshot sessions, I’ve chosen to employ a special combination of professional (and portable) studio lighting and in-camera tricks to create a striking “movie magic” look that gives greater context to your young stars, and adds extra weight to what they can look like on screen or on stage. Little is left to imagination. These images POP!

As an added bonus, because of how I create this look in-camera (with nothing but minor adjustments left to the computer afterwards), you’ll be able to see what their headshots will look like right as we shoot them! It is anything but boring. And in a world filled with bland-background headshots, I’m happy to say that these don’t blend in!

Lights, camera, action...

Of course it’s worth mentioning that no amount of camera tricks or special effects will make up for any lackluster facial expressions. So, once my lights are set and camera ready to go, it’s all about the action and interaction as I help guide your child/teen through a wide variety of moods and looks. Some will be fun, other images serious, and still others more of a blend meant to bring out the complexities of your unique child and what they bring to the table.

Also, for what it’s worth, it’s pretty much standard affair when working with me that there will be some super goofy outtakes! However, I’m unfortunately sworn to secrecy not to share any of those here. Soooo sorry…you really have no idea what you’re missing! :)

All in all, in the end, whether silly, serious, or anything in between, all our efforts will be in search of those one or two standout images that really rise to the top and ooze with extra personality and power. This is what it’s all about. We’ll get plenty of other worthy keepers and outtakes, but these are the ones you want for their main headshot.

Sound appealing? Read on for the finer details...

""Mike is the KID WHISPERER!""

—Stephanie M.


Each individual photographed will receive:

  • 45-60 minutes of shooting time at a location TBD in the greater Franklin, TN area

  • Online gallery uploaded 24-48 hours after the session with all the best images (plus goofy outtakes!)

  • Entire online gallery delivered digitally in high resolution with tasteful adjustments applied (print release included)

  • One fully retouched image of your choice (aka the main headshot all spruced up and ready to go!)


One Individual:  $250

Two Sibling/Friend Special:  $400 total*

Each additional sibling/friend: $200/each*

Each additional retouched image: $25/each

*Sibling/friend sessions must take place back-to-back at the same location, within 20 miles of Franklin, TN to receive special pricing.


Ready to explore a youth headshot session further? Please use the form below to reach out, and feel free to ask any questions you might have! I'm here to help!

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