Greetings friends!

    I’ve been getting multiple requests about doing family shoots for holiday cards and related.  Gonna be fun!  I’ve had my head in the sand doing music work so much this past fall season, I haven’t been keeping up with promoting the photo work I’ve also been doing as much as I would have liked.  That said, this recent flurry of requests has prompted me to update a few things to help my sanity and keep things moving fluidly for all involved. I’m also using this as a chance to show off some of my newer work, and the “looks” I’ve been achieving for my recent natural light family sessions this past season.



    Family shoots this time of year usually have an added necessity of expediency, and shortened turnaround times.  My goal with each shoot is 2-3 days:

  • DAY 1: THE SESSION. Usually within 24 hours of your session I upload the top images to a private online gallery, with some early editing to show off the general feel the final images will have.  Amongst these initial examples, I include multiple variations on the same theme so you can pick your very favorites based on facial expressions, body language, etc. 

  • DAY 2: YOUR SELECTIONS. Once you decide how many you’d like me to finalize (via “liking” those images in the online gallery and purchasing the applicable digital file package), I dive in ASAP to put on the finishing touches, and prep them for delivery.

  • DAY 3: DELIVERY. So long as everything is going smoothly, I should be able to upload your final selections on day three. Should any unforeseen delays arise, I will coordinate with you to make sure I edit your holiday card image(s) first (if applicable), and delivery them ahead of the larger batch.