Michael Wessner (photographer)

Michael Wessner (photographer)


   I am a child and family portrait photographer based in Franklin, TN, also serving Nashville, the greater Middle Tennessee area, and beyond.  I work with children, expectant moms, dads, couples, and families to plan and capture unique and inspiring imagery that not only connects with the heart of who they are, their bond with life and each other, but also winds up capturing the hearts of those who follow.  I use both natural light and studio lighting brought on location to help accomplish this magic, and a fine-tuned heart towards working with youth in particular, and their specific needs (like keeping shoot lengths flexible and fun to accommodate for children needing breaks and "silly time").   

   Especially when working with my younger clients, I like to think of my job as capturing their unique gifts, hobbies, and happy places, and presenting them as endearing works of art to their family, friends, and fans.  And when all is said and done, it is my sincere hope that these pictures will help inspire them with extra courage and self-worth, and that one day they, their children, and grandchildren will be able to look back on these special portraits in awe and say:

"This.  This is the magic and power of my family.  This is my history, my heritage.  This is where I come from."  

"These pictures are priceless to me!  They are everything we dreamed of and so much more!"  

-Shailey R.


"We can't say enough about our experience with Michael!"  

-Michelle F.


Michael Wessner (photographer/musician)


  • I'm a night owl, though I love the idea of sunrises.

  • I spend way too much money on blueberries, but don't really care.

  • While I've played piano and guitar for years, if I could magically play any other instrument without practicing it'd most certainly be the cello! 

  • I definitely have a silly side, most often seen by my younger clients.

  • I sometimes start speaking in random accents (usually poorly) without warning. 

  • Often I'm prone to observe, to ponder, to wander, and wait (classic introvert in my default position).

  • I'm a believer to the core, yet am often the first to ask questions.

  • All that said, the question I probably ask most in life is "Would you like an Altoid?"  I'm always packing...just don't take the white one;)


β€œTo know what you prefer instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive.”  (Robert Louis Stevenson)