A fun, easy going mini session with magical results (outdoor only, ages 2-15)

"Somewhere in a Dream"

Sometimes you just want a few pretty pictures of your children in a park perhaps, and don't need to go all out with longer, more customized photo sessions with all the bells and whistles.  My regular, full length Growing Passion Sessions are more specialized and based around packages (beginning at $650), and ideal for those portrait clients who want my full guidance and customization before/during/after a session, my pre-visualization and assistance with locations/themes/concepts, longer and more flexible shooting times, more complex lighting setups and special effects as needed, a larger selection of final images, and also those who know they are likely going to want a certain number of high quality prints included for their homes, offices, and relatives. (phew!!!)  

BUT...not everyone always has need for that level of customization and involvement in certain seasons of their lives, yet would still enjoy having me capture their children from time to time with my special outdoor lighting style and creative eye.  To that end I've created a brand new mini session offering for ages 2 -15 that I think you'll enjoy!

A great choice for when you simply want a few memorable and beautiful images of your children in an outdoor environment, captured using my tasteful style and care.

With each outdoor mini session you get...

20 min of actual shooting time after setup (upgradable)

3 master images that you pick to keep (at least)

Your chosen images delivered fully polished within 3-5 days of session, and printable to any size (with print release)

No further investment required beyond what you pay upfront!

All done with the same outdoor studio lighting setup I use to pull off such magical images as these:


"All great and beautiful work has come of first gazing without shrinking into the darkness."  (John Ruskin)

"Autumn Innocence"

"Autumn Innocence"


"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin." (William Shakespeare)




45 min of shooting time

7 digital negatives printable to any size

(10) 5x7 proofs

(1) 8x10 print mounted (ready for matting/framing)

best for 1-3 individuals


20 min of shooting time

3 digital negatives printable to any size

(5) 5x7 proofs

best for one individual



*PLEASE NOTE:  Pricing subject to change without notice.  A full deposit is required to lock in your price, date, and time, and is considered a non-refundable booking fee in order for me to block off that time on my schedule.  Should you need to cancel for any reason, though, the full amount is transferable to any other session I offer, whether another mini session or otherwise.  I'm mean...but not THAT mean;)  



Call/text me at 615-567-3048 with some desired dates, times, and session choice, and we can get it scheduled ASAP!

"Come Play With Me"

"The Beckoning"

"What a Pose!"


SHORT ANSWER:  YES...and I don't mind admitting them!


Besides being outdoor only and limited to ages 2-15, the main catch is that most of the added work I would normally would do to customize a session experience...

-meeting with clients/children in-person before the session date, getting to know them, creating familiarity, and answering questions

-pre-planning, pre-visualizing, and guiding location/wardrobe/styling/set design/props/special effects/etc

...is either not possible or is left mostly to you.  

Besides some general guidance beforehand over the phone when scheduling your mini session (and the tips already included further below), my main involvement starts the moment I meet you and your children for the first time at whatever outdoor location we decide.  From that point on, though, I bring my A-game, and use whatever we have available to create some magical images for you!


Perhaps another worthwhile consideration is that while my larger sessions have flexible shooting lengths to account for children needing breaks, for these mini-sessions I need to keep a more rigid timeline once my lighting is positioned and my settings dialed in (my setup doesn't count towards the allotted shooting time).  And while a lot of great images can be captured in 20 minutes (like the base mini session, The Simple Passion), those that feel they might need more than that should strongly consider choosing the Simply More Passion mini session from the start (45 min of shooting time plus more than double the amount of final images you get to keep!).  You may also upgrade your shooting time on the spot during the actual session for $50 per extra 20 min, but that does not include any extra final images like the Simply More Passion session.


It is worth noting that I have a more specific studio lighting setup I bring for these outdoor mini sessions, and while it is AWESOME and can achieve the same sort of beautiful look as this girl on a swing, for instance (and other example images on this webpage):

Totally possible with these mini sessions!


It can't do more specialized effects like this...

Extra lighting and special effects NOT possible with these mini sessions.


So sorry, but the resulting images may not be used by you or anyone else for any commercial purposes.  All personal uses are totally fine, though!  You can make all the prints you want for family and friends from these mini session images, and enjoy them in your home and office for a lifetime!  (HINT:  I can help guide you towards GREAT prints that rise above run-of-the-mill retail printers!)


Fifth and finally, as with all my sessions you will be asked to sign a limited model release on behalf of your child, which basically gives me extra legal protection when using images of them to promote my business through various means.  I keep it easy, uncomplicated, and worry-free!


1.  REMEMBER:  These mini sessions are outdoor only.  Before contacting me, it helps to brainstorm where you might like me to meet you and your loved ones.  I can gladly give you suggestions for great locations over the phone when booking your session, but it's often fun when it is a location already familiar and personal to you and/or them.  Locations must be within 30 miles of downtown Franklin, TN, otherwise special travel fees apply.

2.  Are there any pets or props (instruments, tree swings, bubbles, whatever haha!) that you'd like to include?  I'd love to know before I arrive, though I'm cool with winging it as well as long as we have time!

"I'll Watch Over You"

3.  Try to dress children appropriate to the season, and avoid loud colors or patterns (and especially graphics and more obvious logos).  Solid, earthy tones are often best, especially for these outdoor shoots.  You don't have to choose white like in my example images, but notice how classy and timeless that can be when the mood calls for it, as well as how nicely a lighter color like that creates separation between an individual and the various shades and hues of a woodland background (little details and considerations like that are what add up to create the full impact of the final result!).  

WARDROBE TIP:  It often helps to browse through some of your favorite images online and see what clothing others are wearing in settings similar to where our photo session will be.  What do you like most about it?  Could you see your child wearing something sort of like that?  Do they have something similar in the closet?    

4.  Try to ensure all children are well rested and fed before the session to help maximize their attention while shooting.  And while I do my part to keep the mood light and fun, I also ask that you do your very best to keep your own spirits up the entire time to help encourage them, even if they don't fully cooperate every moment (difficult, I know!).  If need be you can always easily add 20 more minutes of shooting time on the spot for $50, which gives them some breathing room, and simultaneously creates the opportunity for a greater variety of images from which to make your final selections!

5.  Breathe easy.  I got your back.  We are going to get some amazing images you will be proud to show and share!  I'll make sure of it!  


Call/text me at 615-567-3048 with some desired dates, times, and session choice, and we can get it scheduled ASAP!